We include tables, chairs, table cloths - including set-up and take-down; we have an arch with a table built in for your guest sign-in; a 40 x 60 awning complete with chandeliers, plants on the corners, and tulle decor on the anchors including set-up and take-down; a 25 foot gazebo with hanging plants all the way around that is used for the ceremony and a dance floor; a paved parking lot; 2 restrooms; bride's changing facilities; garbage cans including disposal of trash; parking attendants; and of course personal attention to every detail.
We have enough tables and chairs for 200 guests. If there are more than 200, it really is overwhelming on the parking and restroom facilities and strongly encourage you to look at other facilities that might be able to accommodate a larger group for the comfort and convenience of your guests.
Yes. A rehearsal is included in your contract, but must not exceed 1-1/2 hours. For example, if you arrive at 5:00 p.m., you must vacate the premises no later than 6:30 p.m.
Yes, after providing us with a valid Washington State Banquet Permit which can be obtained at any Washington State Liquor Store.
It is not required, but definitely recommended. It is much easier for a licensed bartender to "cut off" alcohol from your friends and family than it would be for you or someone close to you. The last memory you would want from your special day is a drunk driving accident or other incident because of too much alcohol consumption. We also recommend that you have designated drivers available or even a limo hired to shuttle people who have been consuming any alcohol.
We do all the set-up for up to 200 people including chairs, tables, table linens, and tent. Any other items you want to add must be set-up and removed by you or someone you have designated.
Yes, we encourage the use of china and glasses as opposed to paper and plastic products.
Besides the chairs, tables, tent and linens, and set-up and take-down of those items, we also provide lighting in the tent, tulle on the anchors of the tent, plants on each corner of the tent, plants surrounding the gazebo (which also is a dance floor), lighting under a tree for the bar area, lighting in the gazebo, a paved parking lot, changing room, 2 restrooms (not portables!), garbage cans including disposal, parking attendants, and assistance throughout the event.
We believe you should have a choice of DJ's, therefore we do not provide a DJ. Not all DJ's fit the vision you have for your wedding, so you should interview several and choose one that most matches the flavor you wish for your event to portray.

Yes, we sure can. Just contact us for our list of preferred vendors.

We provide high-quality, clean white resin chairs with a vinyl padded seat. These are not the cheap plastic folding chairs found at most other events. We would be happy to show you a sample if you would like.
Unfortunately, we have no control over the weather, but we do have side-walls for our tent. The side-walls have cathedral style windows and panes for very elegant look.
We begin set-up of the tables and chairs at 9:00 a.m., which means we are usually finished by 10:30 a.m. You may arrive and begin set-up anytime after 9:00 a.m., however keep in mind that our part of the set-up will be complete at approximately 10:30 a.m.
Yes of course you may! We look forward to answering any questions you might have - just call us at 509.420.0046.